Vampire The Requiem

Venue Style Sheet

Unconquered Sun Requiem: The House of Empty Vines

Attached Domain: unconquered sun, CA-058-D
Storyteller: Chris Campione, us2003042524

The setting is described in the “House of Empty Vines” setting guide, posted to the UnSun-ooc mailing list. New players and visitors may request a copy from the ST at the above contact email, or at, the private mail of the st. Crucial to any relevant background however, is the note that no vampires were able to derive vitae from human blood in sonoma county prior to the 1906 earthquake, and kindred outside of five local lineages were not allowed residence rights here prior to 1970.

Physical 2, Mental 4, Social 4

Action 3 – plots are more about mysteries, puzzles, and politics – the game is a PC directed sandbox, and action scenes are almost always player-Initiated PVP.

Character development 9 – moral choices and no-win conflicts occur frequently and often, with challenges often being “what you do and why” rather than procedural contests.

Darkness 8. Christ, its vampire. This story is rated R for sex, violence, nd human tragedy.

Drama 7 – the kindred are creatures of ritual and ceremony, and gathers will be themed and pc-directed as often as possible; costuming and set-dressing are encouraged.

Intrigue 9 – as the acquisition and masquerade-index systems are largely downtime, Intrigue, and consequence generators.
Manners 6 – kindred don’t get too touchy over formal, procedural etiquette, but politeness and adherence to social norms are as important here as anywhere.

Mystery 10 – mysteries and occult curios are a constant in sonoma county’ and are the STs favored tools.

PC Death – 4. As under action, player deaths are most often the result of two things – pvp and mortal responses from the masquerade index systems, which are often fatal.

Pacing 8 – some new plots will develop and resolve at every or nearly every game.


MASQUERADE-INDEX AND DOWNTIME CONFLICT Players are directed to review the “acquisitions” and “Masquerade-Index” rules documents made available on the UnSun-OOC list or from the ST point of contact, above. These are crucial to the play of our game, and cover common questions as feeding, access to blood, and downtime interactions for PCs in sonoma.

(thanks to whoever wrote the chicago VSS for many of these policies)

CHARACTER SHEET: It is the responsibility of the player to keep their character’s record in the database current and up-to-date. It is not the responsibility of the ST to update the sheets of individual characters. The VST will make use of whatever copy of the character sheet they are provided with, but in cases where none is provided the VST will default to the one in the database. In all questions of what copy of a character sheet is correct, the VST’s copy in the database is considered correct.

PERMANENT CHANGES TO ANOTHER PC: Players whose characters intend to cause permanent and serious changes to another PC (murder, torpor, blood bonding, etc.) must inform the VST of their intention to do so before either PC involved enters play for a session. Circumstances change and sometimes these things are brought about suddenly, but the VST reserves the right to freeze scenes he/she finds questionable on this basis and initiate an investigation to determine whether the action was planned beforehand. This may result in disciplinary actions.

PCS IN TORPOR: If a character is put into torpor, they are assumed to be left where they lay unless specified by the players and the storyteller presiding over the scene. If a player wishes to have possession of the body beyond the current game session or to move it out of the domain, they must have a body card signed by the VST/DST and the player. This is similar to an item card. It will include the date the character was placed into torpor, the name of the torpid character and that character’s player, the name of the player and the character obtaining the body, and signatures/member numbers from the VST, the DST and both players. If no card is obtained then the player’s character does not have the body and the fate of the body is decided by the presiding Storyteller. Further, the VST must remain appraised at all times of the location of torpid characters removed from the Domain. If this is not respected, DAs will result. The VST reserves the right to veto the removal of any torpored character from the domain.

PRE-CASTS: Draws to be made before entering the IC space (Obfuscate, Rituals, etc.) must be made in the presence of a member of the ST staff. That member of staff will then write down successes and relevant information on the casting players’ character sheet, including their initials. This is the only way a pre-cast item will be available. Draws made after the character has entered play (e.g., the player forgot) are not assumed to have been pre-cast.

Acquiring IC ‘Domain’ over a territory within the game requires VST notification. This may seem obvious, but the purpose is to ensure that the VST is always notified of political changes in a territory, and to assist him in adjudicating feeding conflicts.