Vampire The Masquerade: Cam/Anarch

Venue Style Sheet

VSS Cam/Anarch
Domain: Unconquered Sun CA-058-D
Chronicle name: Feast of Ashes
Venue Storyteller: Jim Weathers US2010055913
First and Third Friday Evenings
Sonoma State University Rachel Carson Hall
1801 East Cotati Ave • Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Overall Game Emphasis
Using 10 points total, please distribute the points between the following three categories:
Physical 3
Social 4
Mental 3
Individual Game Components
Each component gets numbered on a scale from 1 to 10 based on how prevalent it will be in the game overall. A 1 indicates a component is never present, whereas a 10 indicates a component is always present.
Action (combat and challenges) 4
Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices) 6
Darkness (corruption, fear and horror) 7
Drama (ceremony and grand story) 7
Intrigue (politics and negotiation) 9
Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure) 8
Mystery (enigmas and investigation) 8
PC Death (how often it is present) 5
Pacing (how quickly do stories start, develop and come to an end) 7
Description of Venue
Feast of Ashes is going to be a venue using influence and local politics to bring a twisted labyrinth of story to players who play in it.
Mortals are the food of the Kindred. And one of their biggest fears. There is a reason the first law is Masquerade. Pushing the characters to police their own and move position and promise to protect the hidden society.

Storytelling Mechanics
Venue Emphasis
The emphasis of the venue will be on how influence over the kine and kindred alike can prove the most powerful thing that a Cainite can own. Many story lines will start with an influence action and hopefully will resolve through investigative and out of the box play.
Additionally storylines personal to the characters will be pushed to emphasize personal horror and personal growth and accomplishment.
Proxy Rules
All proxies must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the game. Proxies must include:
Complete character sheet, preferably in Excel or E-mail format
Full xp log
Detailing of what the character intends to accomplish and how they intend to do it
Player’s presiding VST contact information
Travel Risks
Risks are going to be light for characters coming in from other domain unless they habitually break masquerade or antagonize PC’s or NPCs.
Experience Award Guidelines
3 xp per game
1xp per downtime, maximum of 3xp per month for downtimes
Proxy characters do not receive xp