Werewolf The Apocalypse

Domain: Unconquered Sun (CA-058-D) Sonoma County, South West Region(USA)
Venue Name: The Valley of the Moon
Venue Game: Werewolf the Apocalypse
Meets at:  Downtown Santa Rosa, in the library parking lot between 3rd and 4th Street.
Meets on: First and Third Saturdays of Each Month, Pregame at 7:00pm, Game 8:00pm-12:00am.
VST: Woody Purdy (Apocalypse.VST@unsun.org) US2002034897
VSS Approval Number:

Premise: Sept of the Valley of the Moon.

Overall Game Emphasis:

Using 10 points total, please distribute the points between the following three categories:
* Physical: 3
* Social: 3
* Mental: 4

Individual Game Components

•Action (combat and challenges): 7
•Character Development (personal dilemmas and choices): 7
•Darkness (corruption, fear and horror):  9 Characters stand a better chance at corruption than destruction.
•Drama (ceremony and grand story): 5
•Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 5 The players guide this.
•Manners (social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
•Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 7 The main emphasis of the game, unraveling the spiral or the weaver’s web.
•PC Death (how often it is present): 4 Characters can die during scenes, but normally this danger occurs during special events.
•Pacing (how quickly do stories start, develop and come to an end) : 6 Subplots will usually complete over the course of 1-3 games.  Long term plots can take months.

Description of Venue:
The Wyrm is everywhere, the Garou fight a losing war, but win most every battle.  Hope vs hopelessness, honor against atrocity, strength against fear, purity against corruption.

Current Setting:

The Caern was once held by an Elder Council of Uktena made up of various auspices and rank from Adren to Elder.  This council of Elders is no more, and our local group of Garou now control every aspect of the Caern.

Interest in the Caern itself has never been that strong as there is just not enough Gnostic energy to really justify a massive Garou presence.  Historically PC’s from around the region may have traveled through Sonoma County or the surrounding counties but did not stay long. Knowledge of where the Caern site is physically located (atop Sonoma Mountain, ringed by Jack London State park, The Osborne-Fairfield preserve and privately held land) is common.

The land of the Caern site has been deeded to a small band of the Graton Rancheria, helped with the aide of few Glass Walkers the land has managed to remain untouched, though claims of Eminent Domain, expansion of the surrounding cities and urban sprawl have always been a threat.

Within this world, Sonoma County was hit extremely hard by the housing market crash and the economic downturn. Rohnert Park actually filed for bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the County with the aide of the State Government.  Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Petaluma all were major targets of the Ratkin war. Parts of all three cities burned and suffered major looting/damage, these areas have yet to be re-built.

A significant industry the county afloat economically is the Wine Industry, which is kept by giant corporations and the majority of the money made is sent outside of the area.   Illegal immigrants compose of a significant bulk of the workforce for the Wine industry, and these undocumented workers go missing from time to time.

Drug use, unemployment and the homeless population of the county has skyrocketed.  This has led to a downward spiral of individuals overtaxing the local unemployment and welfare systems. Social Services has been overwhelmed by the pleas for help and turned into a giant bureaucratic nightmare. Homeless shelters cannot afford to be kept open as charitable donations have dried up, the few that have remained open are overstuffed and have few open beds, and many go without.

Police forces have become hardened, and several task forces have been formed to combat Gangs, and Drugs, but the incident rate of police brutality has also skyrocketed.

Politics which were once liberal and fairly left wing have swung in the opposite direction after the economic collapse within the County.  Various hot issues have become topical, such as illegal immigration, abortion, religious freedom, gun control, and economic stimulus.  Recent attempts at economic stimulation has allowed for less oversight, or regulation of various industries, such as, bars, churches, nightclubs, and more heavy industrial sources.

Medical practices have remained constant, but have started to hire private security forces due to a strange upswing in body part black marketeering.

Media sources include several local newspapers, but the main press is the Republic Press, which is a right wing conservative newspaper, and sources from many associated media publications.  Sonoma County has it’s own Television station, TV 51, which hosts a lot of public access stations, and local news.  There are several Radio Stations that serve Sonoma County, and have radio towers scattered across the county.

Sonoma County has a University, a Junior College and a Technical Trade School.  SSU and SRJC have increased their police patrols, and all carry firearms.  Recently, they have upgraded their arsenal to semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns.

Most of the rest of Sonoma County is rural, these are underdeveloped areas in which power outages and lack of running water are common. People lock their doors at night, not in fear of crime but in fear of what occurs during the night. No one talks about the monsters but everyone is aware that there are things in the night that they do not want to bump into.

The various outlying counties and areas used to be claimed as territory by NPC packs but after the Altimera hive battle, it seems that most all were wiped out.  There were a few survivors and will be noted.

Known information about the area. (Subject to updates)

Santa Rosa
* NPC: Mohinder Dhanesh “The Untouchable” Elder Homid Bone Gnawer Philodox.
Rohnert Park:
* NPC: Journey of Souls: Athro Homid Silent Strider Galliard
* The Sonoma Mission was the former site of a Wyrm Hive.
Guerneville & West County
Bodega and the Coast was formerly claimed by a pack of Silver Fangs
Mendocino County was claimed by a pack of Red talons.
Lake County was formerly claimed by a mixed pack of Get of Fenris, Fianna and a few others
Napa County was formerly claimed by a pack Shadow Lords.

There are various Blights and other places of Wyrm concentration around the area.

Storytelling Mechanics:
Caern Level: 4 USA-SW-WA-1303-000031
Caren Totem: Phoebe (Aspect of Luna)
Phoebe is a Wisdom based totemic aspect of Luna.
Traits: When Opened via the Rite of the Opened Caern, Phoebe grants 2 Discerning Mental Traits and 2 traits of the Occult ability.
Ban: Children of Phoebe are pledged to defend moon bridges and moon paths from the predations of the Wyrm.

Proxy Rules:
All proxies must be received by e-mail to Apocalypse.VST@unsun.org at least 24 hours in advance of the game. You must CC your direct ST. Proxies must include:

•Complete character sheet, preferably in Google Docs format
•Full XP log
•Detailing of what the character intends to accomplish and how they intend to do it
•Player’s presiding VST contact information

Travel Risks:
Visiting or proxying characters will have no issues getting into Sonoma County, or to the Caern site.  Please know that proxying characters stand the same chance of corruption/death as any other character within the VSS.  The Wyrm does not discriminate.

Experience Award Guidelines: (Subject to Addendum A2.2 – Earning Experience)
* 6 xp per game
* 2xp per downtime, maximum of 6 xp per month for downtimes.
* Proxy characters into the VSS do not receive xp, unless specifically indicated on the proxy write up.

Renown Guideline:  (Subject to Addendum – B6.2)
* Each game attendance will earn your PC 5 Temporary Renown, allocated as the player sees fit.
* Renown for downtime activities can be awarded on a case by case basis.
* Rite of Accomplishment will auto-succeed when the PC has earned enough to convert 10 Temporary to 1 Permanent Renown.

Other Policies:
Character Sheets will be required to be on the Database and approved in the VSS.  If you have difficulty with this, the storytelling staff will provide assistance.  The Database Sheet will be considered the Master Record, and if there is ever a doubt, the sheet on the Database will be considered the true sheet.

As a convenience, the VST will keep a copy of each character’s sheet in Google Docs, this is the place to make changes, or ask questions regarding approvals, or items on sheets.

Rank Challenges:
It is extremely courteous to inform the VST, via email, of any Rank challenges that are occurring, if the rank challenge is not known to the VST, then updating sheets to the new rank will be delayed low approval until this happens.

Regarding Scenes:
As a general rule, the VST will try to be as helpful and reasonable as possible, but sometimes hard calls need to be made.

Please note, for ease of play, the presiding ST reserves the right to make rules calls and judgment calls in the middle of a scene, these calls may be challenged after the scene, not during. Any player found to be overly argumentative and interrupting the flow of the scene will be asked to leave the scene, within all accordance of the Cool Down section in the Member Handbook.  If appropriate, and the challenging player can prove an incorrect rules or judgment call, the scene will be altered or re-run, this is on case by case basis and completely contingent on VST discretion.

Helpful Documents:
MES Member Handbook and other helpful documents: http://www.mindseyesociety.org/information/helpful-documents/

The US Werewolf the Apocalypse addenda is located: http://www.mindseyesociety.org/information/next-chronicle-addenda/

The UnSun VSS Experience Award Spreadsheet is located: