Accord (NWoD Combined)

Venue Style Sheet

NWoD Combined: The Accord (
Release Date:
Revision: 1.0
Designer: Jeremiah Spaulding (US2002023190)
Lead Writers: James Johnson (US2002056000), Larry Henson (US2006129213)
Contributors: Jeremiah Spaulding (US2002023190)
VSS Template
Instructions: Fill out all sections. Help and examples are in italics and should be deleted before submitting for Approval.

1. Basic Information
a. VSS Name: The Eye of the Storm
b. Domain: Unconquered Sun CA-058-D
c. Game Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude): 38.341622,-122.676537
d. VSS Physical Boundaries: Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, and Lake Counties
e. VST: Rob Cunningham,
f. DST: Nick Pilon,
g. Usual Game Time and Place: TBD
2. Style of Play (rate 1-5 each)
a. Intrigue: 2
i. How intense the internal Politics are in the Cell.
ii. 1 = Nobody cares who runs what
iii. 5 = Game of Thrones ain’t got nothing on us
b. Domestic Focus: 3
i. How much time each PC needs to spend managing their relationship with non-Accord NPCs from their Template.
ii. 1 = None of them even know who you are
iii. 5 = The Prince has you on speed dial
c. Interspecies Cooperation: 4
i. How well members of the local Cell are expected to get along.
ii. 1 = they will always watch your back for the best place to stab it
iii. 5 = they will always watch your back
d. Graphicness: 3
i. How intense the blood, violence, and evils are.
ii. 1 = More implied than seen, such as Psycho
iii. 5 = Saw + Geiger = LOL
e. Scale of Stories: 4
i. How epic and huge the stories are.
ii. 1 = Low level and gritty like Deadwood
iii. 5 = Doctor Who
f. Action Level: 4
i. How much action and combat is there?
ii. 1 = 12 Angry Men
iii. 5 = Rambo
g. Enigmas: 3
i. How much mystery and investigation is there?
ii. 1 = Cult temple has a neon sign out front
iii. 5 = The Shadow doesn’t even know
h. Corruption: 3
i. How dark and tragic it gets.
ii. 1 = A good, stiff drink and you can shrug off anything
iii. 5 = Every single game will leave a mark on your PC’s soul
i. PvE: 5
i. How much focus there is on general PvE?
ii. 1 = Minimal RQ upkeep only
iii. 5 = PvE is all we do
j. PvP: 2
i. What kind of PvP is there?
ii. 1 = Social Only
iii. 5 = Physical Only
3. Venue Synopsis

(Except where explicitly noted here, assume that Sonoma County’s layout and history are identical to real-life Sonoma County, with the addition of supernatural beings and the Truth.)

It has long been known that one does not simply walk away from fighting the Truth. Once you begin fighting, you fight until you are dead, corrupted, or worse.

However, every rule has exceptions. For decades, Sonoma County has been such an exception. It is a fiercely guarded secret that Sonoma, for reasons unknown, has been completely immune to the influence of the Truth. Such a place should not exist. Such a place CANNOT exist. Yet here it has stood. The eye of the storm.

When Sonoma County’s properties were discovered, it was seen as a chance for certain well-deserving members of the Accord to finally have a respite from the constant, never-ending war. The asylum in Glen Ellen was bought and used to attempt to rehabilitate members of the Accord who had seen too much, endured too much. The number of members was deliberately kept low so as not to attract the Truth, and the secret held closely.

So it has remained. What few minor footholds that Truth cults managed to establish were dealt with quickly and quietly. Active members of the Accord have been gently discouraged from entering or remaining, without being told why, lest the increased knowledge of the Truth collapse the county’s protection. Local supernatural organizations have been, through intrigue or supernatural powers, encouraged to keep themselves more or less isolated.

This oasis must be protected at all costs, but nothing lasts forever.


Prior to chronicle, the local Reality Quotient never exceeded 100, no matter how many PCs existed in the area. Within the last 6 months or so, an unusually large number of supernatural beings, both with and without knowledge of the Truth, have begun to arrive. Each of them has a legitimate reason for doing so, the vast majority of which have nothing to do with the Truth. But it cannot be a coincidence that so many have been arriving so close to one another, can it?

At or close to the start of Chronicle, several apparently spontaneous tears open up simultaneously, and the starting RQ will be in a state of extreme flux.

There are three general types of PC backgrounds I expect to see in this VSS. This list is intended to be a suggestion, not a straitjacket. Other backgrounds are possible.

Local: So you have lived in Sonoma County for a long time. Perhaps you were born here. Perhaps you are already aware of the supernatural world, or maybe you are a part of it yourself. Chances are you are blissfully ignorant to the threat to reality, or at least you were.

Did you learn of the Truth prior to the Tearing? Or were you the victim of some sort of reality-warping occurrence? How are you dealing with your newfound knowledge, and how is it similar and different from your discovery of the “normal” supernatural world?

Retiree/patient/deserter: You have served well. Life has been harsh, and you rose to the task. Or perhaps the war broke you. Either way, at some point in your career you learned the secret of Sonoma County. Perhaps you were slipped an anonymous note thanking you for your service to the Accord and directing you to a place where you could finally rest for a time. Perhaps the stress of the job has been so overwhelming that you were ordered to Glen Ellen to undergo psychiatric therapy.

Perhaps you overheard something you should not have, and decided you deserved some peace. Paragon or coward? Or neither?

How do you react to the sudden influx of new supernaturals? How do you react when reality tears itself apart around you?

Recent arrival:

You moved into Sonoma County recently. You had your reasons, reasons that are perfectly legitimate. Maybe you know about the Truth, maybe not. Surely it must be coincidence that you happened to show up just before the county suddenly went to hell, right? …right?

Existing supernatural communities:


There is a small court of vampires based in Santa Rosa. For the most part they keep to themselves, and honor the Masquerade. They are known to clean up their own messes, and thus far it is believed that there are no Truth cultists within their court.


There are two known packs of the Forsaken. One claims territory in the hills between Rohnert Park and Sonoma, and the other claims the Armstrong redwoods. It is rumored that there is a pack of the Pure somewhere in the county as well.

As of now, no Forsaken is aware of the existence of the Truth.


Changelings are difficult to tie down, but they do maintain a freehold somewhere in the area… however, rumor has it that it is never in the same place twice.

The Goblin Market is available for those Accord members who know how to reach it. Who knows how much goblins do or don’t know about the Truth? Who knows how much goblins know about anything?


There is no known Concilium in Sonoma County. Any existing mages in the area are nearly as well-hidden as the Lost.


There are no NPC Promethians, Geists, or Possessed known in the area. There are no major hunter cells outside the PCs and their social merits.

4. Character Restrictions

a. Target RQ: 50
i. What is the RQ that each PC should shoot for

b. Max RQ: 100. This is subject to change in the future, but for now it is an absolute cap.
i. What is the max allowed RQ for locals and/or Visitors?

c. Template Restrictions: None, save for the restrictions in the addenda. Players of Promethians are expected to take an active part in the game, to offset the increase in RQ they generate.
i. Some Templates may not be allowed in this VSS
ii. NOTE: Players are expected to keep track of their own RQ and log it on the sign-in sheet at each game. This is a core part of the game, so not knowing your PC’s RQ will be the same as not having a character sheet (relent to all challenges). Access to the online RQ calculator will be provided.

5. Venue Specific Notes (leave this in for every VSS for the first couple parts)

a. The Player should provide the ST access to the materials related to their character sheet – books, rules, etc. if the ST does not have access to them on their own.

b. Powers do not always quite work as they should – the VST has ultimate authority in the case of rules calls. Remember that the VST may not have every access to every book to help in cross-venue madness. They are given the benefit of the doubt by the ST chain in most cases.

6. Proxy Rules: See the proxy rules set forth in the Accord NSS

7. Travel Risks: This game is going to include a high chance of character corruption once the game gets rolling. There is not likely to be much in the way of outright death, but do not expect to escape from Sonoma unscathed.

8. Exp Awards
10xp per game. Downtime actions will grant 1-2 xp per action, at the discretion of the VST. Characters may earn a maximum of 14 xp per month.

9. Starting VSS Reality Quotient: (1-1000): 400

10. Aberrations (House Rules)
a. Allow Exceptional Successes and Dramatic Failures
b. Allow access to Armory Reforged
c. Increase the effectiveness of Allies within Sonoma County. At five dots, a character will wield extraordinary influence in their chosen field. Also allows for Allies and Contacts within LOCAL supernatural communities.